Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Revotech different?

Revotech is based in Los Angeles, with fully-staffed affiliates in Taiwan and China that allow us to control production, scheduling and quality.  We are on-site at every factory during new-product production, as well as existing product production as needed.

What does Revotech need to quote my product?

The more the better!  Ideally, we would like drawings and existing samples, but our engineers can also work with a thought, concept, idea, etc.

Does Revotech provide engineering services?

Revotech can provide services ranging from preparing engineering/production drawings, to assisting with designing and/or improving your product.

Can Revotech make my prototype?

Yes, prototypes are often part of the development/production processes.

Who handles my product’s importing?

While most of our customers prefer to use their own transportation companies, Revotech can handle door-to-door delivery for you.

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