Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show 2019

The Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show is focused on consumer electronics products and services, as well as their technology and manufacturing. The intimacy of the event provides an opportunity for companies to establish and differentiate themselves, their brands and their messaging. This show is not small however, with over 250 exhibitors, and with an […] Read more

Revotech at OFC 2019

SAN DIEGO – The OFC (Optical Fiber Communications) exposition brought the global optical communications community together in March 2019. With our world becoming increasingly connected, our communications infrastructure must evolve and improve, and this year’s event showcased the technologies and products of the present and the future. For Revotech, with over 10 years experience in […] Read more

Stategies in Light 2019

Strategies in Light, which this year moved from San Diego to Las Vegas, provided a comprehensive view of the lighting industry, from technologies, to development, to application. In addition to the workshops, conference sessions, keynote and awards gala, in true Vegas style this year was the debut of the Money Vault. LED technology is changing […] Read more

Revotech Participates in UBM Advanced Manufacturing Expo

The UBM Advanced Manufacturing Expo in Anaheim bills itself as the nation’s largest annual advanced design and manufacturing event, boasting over 20,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors. This annual event includes five co-located, independent shows; MDM West (medical design & manufacturing), West Pack (packaging technology), ATX (automation technology), Design & Manufacturing (engineering & manufacturing), and Plastec […] Read more

IPC APEX EXPO 2019 in San Diego

The IPC APEX EXPO 2019 show culminated last week after three days of exhibiting, learning, meetings and networking, and it was quite a three days. Over 8,000 individuals attended the 2019 event. The energy was exciting and positive, as it is year after year, this year largely regarding control software and interconnected equipment communication. Once […] Read more

Tariffs, Trade War and Your Business

How will the possibility of additional tariffs and a trade war impact your business? With all the so-called 'experts' talking about tariffs and a trade war, have you heard anything that clarifies how our businesses will be impacted? Beyond direct cost increases of tariff-targeted products, how the factories that manufacture your products fare is critically important. Will they be able to survive? And if they don’t, what will happen to inventory, tooling, and deposits? Read more

Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show 2018 focused on consumer products and services in electronics and technology. Companies establish, test, and adjust their brands and messaging, while differentiating from competitors. Read more

NAB 2018: The Broadcast Industry’s IP Technology Future

The standardization of the internet protocol (IP) SMPTE ST 2110, brought IP to the forefront of the broadcast industry. The NAB 2018 event in Las Vegas, Nevada included a dedicated IP Showcase. Read more

OFC 2018: Major Fiber Optics Industry Developments

OFC is the largest global optical communications conference and exposition. Last week, OFC 2018 showcased the latest optical innovations in data-center connectivity, 5G networking, and quantum communication, as well as the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.... Read more

Showcasing PCB and Electronics Industries: IPC APEX EXPO 2018

The theme of IPC APEX EXPO 2018 was “Succeed at the Velocity of Technology.” The sold-out exhibition in San Diego, CA certainly lived up to its billing, with almost 500 vendors showcasing cutting-edge technology for the PCB and electronics industries. Read more

Trends in the Lighting Industry

The co-located Strategies in Light, The LED Show, and Lightspace California shows recently came to Long Beach, CA. Speakers discussed the future of LED & solid-state lighting (SSL), applications using Internet of Things (IoT) and investment opportunities in the lighting industry. Read more

4 Common Types of Metal Manufacturing

For your metal component supply chain to be efficient and effective, it is critical to select the correct metal manufacturing process. We describe the four most common types of metal manufacturing to help you make the right choice for your product and market. Read more

Prototyping vs. Sampling: What’s the Difference?

Transforming an idea to a product can be exciting. Likely you will start with hand-drawn sketches and a homemade model, which provides you a good look at how the final product will look and function. But what’s next? Several stages of prototyping and sampling remain before production, and the following distinction will help you prepare […] Read more

How Fiber Optics Works

Fiber optics, or optical fibers are long, thin strands of pure glass (some may be plastic), roughly the diameter of human hair. These optical fibers are bundled together to create optical cables. Fiber optic cables can transmit light pulses over long distances. Telephone and cable TV, internet, medical imaging, and many other systems and applications […] Read more

Rubber Compound Manufacturing

In its native form, pure rubber has little use in manufacturing. Rubber must be mixed with other materials to develop the properties required for each specific product and application, a process called rubber compound manufacturing.The factory must precisely and consistently follow laboratory specifications when blending the compound. Processing includes: Roll milling, or mixing the primary […] Read more

Upcoming Events

If you're attending one of the upcoming manufacturing industry events, please contact us to discuss meeting to discuss your needs. Read more

Quality Control Processes for Mass Production

Suppose your prototypes and first small run of product sells out in record time. Now it’s time to invest in your first mass production run. How do you ensure the millionth item produced is the same as the first in form, fit and function? How do you find and remove any defective parts? The answer […] Read more

Understanding Extrusion and Injection Molding

Within the field of industrial manufacturing, extrusion and injection molding are methods of production used to make products of different shapes and sizes. Extrusion Extrusion is the process of pushing molten plastic, rubber or other compounds, fed by screws through two-dimensional die openings. The extruded material passes through a series of templates that retain the […] Read more

Common Misconceptions about Contract Manufacturers

Over the past few months, we discussed the benefits of contract manufacturing and the common mistakes companies make when beginning an outsourcing program.  This month we address the real risks, which have been sensationalized to the point of creating common misconceptions about contract manufacturers, and discuss how to avoid them.   Misconception #1: Contract Manufacturers […] Read more

Contract Manufacturing Benefits

Contract manufacturing is the process of outsourcing production of a product, or a portion of a product, to an outside company or companies. Effective contract manufacturing allows taking advantage of specialization: concentrating on and becoming an expert with a particular product or process. Read more

Outsource Manufacturing: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Since the 1990s, outsourcing has been a way of life for manufacturers. Many traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) manufacture a minimal amount in-house, and continually evaluate the possibility of outsourcing additional functions, and the contract manufacturers (CMs) have risen to the occasion. Top notch CMs like Revotech provide customers with complete turnkey service, including design, […] Read more

Holiday Season Preparation for Manufactured Products

Holiday season preparation for manufactured products can become overwhelming. Manufacturers often lack the comprehensive supply chain visibility and flexibility required to accommodate market changes and instabilities. Six months before the holiday season, which begins just before Halloween and extends through New Year’s Day, factories begin ramping-up production. Given these lead-times, how does a manufacturer accommodate this yearly increase and unexpected demand fluctuations, without needlessly investing in excess capacity? Read more

Highlights from OFC 2017

Last week’s OFC 2017 conference celebrated the revival of an industry severely hobbled at the turn of the millennium. The mood at the Los Angeles Convention Center was lively and positive, showcasing an exhilarating breadth of new products and technology. Revenues and profits are up, but is the expansion sus Read more

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