Save Time

Since 2001, Revotech has helped many U.S. companies manufacture and develop their products. Our teams in Taiwan, China and the United States bring expertise that will reduce your time-to-market by avoiding unnecessary research and hooking you up with the right partners for your individual requirements. Our industry experience over the past 20 years is to your benefit. Stay on schedule!


Save Money

Revotech’s on-site presence bridges you between Asia and the U.S. We can closely monitor costs to help your efficiency and profitability. For each client project, we look for the highest quality at the best price. Maximize your resources!


Improve Quality

Since we manage both sides of the process, your quality remains high. You won’t be hoping for quality because Revotech will be verifying it on your behalf. We have dozens of success stories that reflect our commitment to quality, often exceeding what was specified by designing a more effective solution.


Do What You Do Best

With Revotech as your partner, you can focus on what you do best. We’ll be your manufacturing and supply chain partner for the long-term. We manage your manufacturing requirements so you can manage your business.


Revotech Is an Outstanding Long-Term Partner

When you become a customer, Revotech will get to know you and your business personally. We want to completely understand your story — the people, products and application — so we can be a better partner. For example, on several occasions, we’ve attended trade shows (even standing in the booth) and key events with our customers to get a firsthand understanding of their customers and products. Few, if any, manufacturing partners can or will provide this level of support. Revotech does.

Want to Find the Ideal Partner?

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