Holiday Season Preparation for Manufactured Products

  • Holiday season preparation for manufactured products can become overwhelming. Manufacturers often lack the comprehensive supply chain visibility and flexibility required to accommodate market changes and instabilities. Six months before the holiday season, which begins just before Halloween and extends through New Year’s Day, factories begin ramping-up production. The process begins with:

    • Technical teams revising product specifications and testing requirements
    • Operational teams reviewing raw material availability and production scheduling, and
    • Logistics teams coordinating with transportation partners.

    Given these lead-times, how does a manufacturer accommodate this yearly increase and unexpected demand fluctuations, without needlessly investing in excess capacity?

    Manufacturers can improve holiday season preparation by outsourcing some or all their production. Subcontracting enhances supply chain flexibility, reduces cost, and frees the manufacturer to focus on core competencies, the company’s real competitive advantage.

    Suppose you designed and developed a new, game-changing technology. Your marketing efforts begin paying off in the second part of the calendar year, after the holiday ramp is well under way. As the holiday season approaches, your revised forecasts predict sales to be double your original projections, and your existing factory is unable to meet this sudden demand spike. Fortunately, you could have a contract manufacturing partner with a nimble and reliable network of suppliers and factories, allowing you to quickly reallocate production and increase capacity to meet demand and maintain control. Crisis averted.

    Evaluating a subcontracting partner takes time and effort. The process must be started well before any crisis to be in place for a smooth turnkey transition.

    At Revotech, we assembled a list of questions to ask any contract manufacturer under consideration – please download it here free.

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