OFC 2018: Major Fiber Optics Industry Developments

OFC is the largest global optical communications conference and exposition, boasting over 15,500 attendees, 700 exhibitors from 65 countries, and 850 technical sessions. Last week, OFC 2018 featured the latest optical innovations in data-center connectivity, 5G networking, and quantum communication. It also showcased the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. A small sample of the fascinating technology demonstrated in San Diego at this year’s show included:

  • Energy-saving optical receiver with an unprecedentedly rapid power-on/off.
  • Transmission performance as a function of DSP choice and transmission distance.
  • Optical received that can achieve an aggregate bandwidth of 160 Gb/S through four fibers.
  • Comparison of 400G transceivers and designs with respect to cost, power consumption and effects on data center networks.
  • Cost and power consumption of constructing a data center based on Facebook’s Fabric architecture.
  • Demonstration of a cutting edge, “off-line” signal transmission system.

OFC 2018: Bigger and Better

Year over year, OFC increased 44% in overall square footage. There was also a growth of 21% in exhibitors and attendees, making it a must-see in fiber optics. Don’t miss it next time!

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